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Next level scalability and flexibility

There’s a Husky for your XProtect® installation today – and tomorrow.

The new Milestone Husky™ series offers a range of products to cover almost all solution needs.  Whether it’s for simple installation, maximum uptime or critical data storage, there’s a Husky for you.

This new scalable portfolio is designed to fit numerous XProtect use cases to give you the most from your installation. From the small corner store to the massive football stadium, Husky’s range works seamlessly with XProtect to provide the performance and reliability needed for you to get the most out of your video solution.

service and support

Performance and support come together with the new Husky series.

Global support network from Milestone Systems
Service coding
Option for onsite support
Single point of contact for VMS and hardware
Standard 5-year warranty on all appliances in this series

New Milestone Husky 150D

Reliable and simple setup for smaller sites

The Husky 150 Desktop model is made to support smaller sites with few cameras and minimal need to view real-time footage locally. Data is saved locally or sent to a central data location to ensure continuous recording. Ideal for multi-site installations like retail stores, gas stations and ATMs, Husky 150 Desktop provides a simple, low-cost setup that merges seamlessly with your XProtect VMS.
Up to 150 Mbit/s
Nb. of channels
Up to 20
Local data storage
Up to 16 TB
Windows 10 IoT Ent SAC 2019
Viewing of the video primarily via SmartClient (Mobile or Web Client)
EVO 150 unit
EVO 350T + EVO 350R units

New Milestone Husky 350T & 350R

The ideal setup for small installations, with the freedom to scale up

New Husky 350 Tower and 350 Rack are Husky products for those who aim to start small and have the flexibility to grow – like retail businesses, logistics or warehousing. Overall, these versatile units offer high reliability and uptime along with minimal redundancy for continuous recording and a good start with XProtect.
Up to 360 Mbit/s
Nb. of channels
Up to 50
Local data storage
Up to 32 TB
Windows 10 IoT Ent SAC 2019
Minimum redundancy level through software RAID 1

New Milestone Husky 700R

For continuous recording and full redundancy

The Husky 700 Rack is geared for small and medium-sized facilities that need reliable data recording and easy data management. With full hardware redundancy and the flexibility to integrate selected hardware components, this unit is the optimal solution for critical installations like logistics centres, small cities and school or university campuses.
Up to 720 Mbit/s
Nb. of channels
Up to 100
Local data storage
Up to 64 TB
Windows 10 IoT Ent SAC 2019
Full redundancy with dual OS drives (RAID 1) and power supply, and hardware RAID
Remote management through iDRAC
EVO 350R and EVO 700R front units
EVO 1000R unit from side/above

New Milestone Husky 1000R

Achieve extra protection by ensuring 24/7 recording of large facilities

The Husky 1000R is a rack-mount unit that supports more throughput, a larger storage capacity, and the possibility to add selected components to support analytics - for that extra level of protection. These benefits are complemented by full hardware redundancy and minimal downtime to create an ideal unit for medium to large critical installations where 24/7 data capturing what is essential.
Up to 1080 Mbit/s
Nb. of channels
Up to 150
Local data storage
Up to 128 TB
Windows 10 IoT Ent SAC 2019
Full redundancy with dual OS drives (RAID 1) and power supply, and hardware RAID
Possibility to add components to support analytics
Remote management through iDRAC

New Milestone Husky 1800R

Ultimate throughput and storage for when critical surveillance is needed

The Husky 1800R is a high-end rack server that delivers great power. This high-market unit is optimized for high throughput, extensive storage, and expansive flexibility. This makes it ideal for facilities needing maximum security - like airports, malls or transport hubs.
Up to 1800 Mbit/s
Nb. of channels
Up to 250
Local data storage
Up to 384 TB
Windows 10 IoT Ent SAC 2019
Full hardware redundancy
10Gbps NICs – ability to connect externalSAN storage
Remote management through iDRAC
EVO 1800R unit from front
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